Logging Hub

Real-time logging and visualisation

Consolidate logging data from across your distributed platform, view it and visualise it in real-time with Logging Hub.

Get up and running
in minutes...

Easy to setup

Comes with plugins for the typical logging frameworks, so you can be up and running with a few simple config changes.

Visualise your data

It's hard to find trends in gigabytes of text. Logging Hub can chart your data and provide an intuitive look at exactly what's going on in your system.

Easy to use navigation

The Logging Hub viewer makes filtering and searching through the logging stream easy. Bookmarking entries and searching relative to events simplifies tracing issues between processes.

Make your life easier

Fed up of connecting to mutiple machines to grep log files? Combining the logs from all of your apps into one stream makes finding problems simple.

High performance

Process tens of thousands of events per second through the hub, with low-overhead asynchronous handlers minimising impact on your applications.

Address complex production issues quickly

Having access to the all log events across your system improves your root cause analysis times, helping you get to that all important answer of "what happened?" quickly.